Our assisted living and transitional housing programs offer shelter to the homeless.

physical abuse

Catering to the emotional and housing needs of women suffering from domestic and sexual violence.

financial crisis

We provide financial assistance to low-income individuals and abuse survivors.

mental issues

We provide an environment conducive to mental health for people struggling with mental challenges.

High Expectation Development Corporation

Give them a chance, move
them toward success.

As a diverse community, we welcome clients regardless of color, ethnicity, or creed. Whether you’re transitioning genders or belong to a minority tribe, we offer the support and assistance you need to flourish without discrimination. Our case managers help ensure that we are better able to help provide you with the support and assets you need.

Our staff will do everything in their power to help you accomplish your goals during your time with us. Our program is designed to primarily help you transition into permanent housing to increase your income and become more self-sufficient .

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With your donation will provide housing, Clothing, mental health assistance and more.... to those who are seeking self sufficiency.

We can't help everyone,
but everyone can help someone

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